Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So George Carlin just died. That got me on YouTube and and I found this video
of him describing stupidity.
OMG, I couldn..'t have put it better!

We've all heard of "IQ." It's a measure of our intelligence. "IQ" stands for "intelligence quotient." As those who paid attention in school know, a quotient is a form of fraction. One's intelligence quotient is defined as one's comprehension divided by one's age multiplied by 100. In other words, If you are 15 years old and have the understanding of a 15 year old, then the level of your understanding (15) divided by your age (15) equals 1. 15/15=1. Multiply this by 100 for your IQ equation and you have 15/15 x 100 = 100. Fifteen divided by fifteen equals one; 1 times 100 equals 100. This same formula works for any developing human. 1/1 x 100 =100. 7/7 x 100 = 100. 18/18 x100 = 100.

If you need a comparison, let's say you are 10 years old but only have the comprehension of a 5 year-old. Comprehension divided by age is therefore 5/10, giving us 0.5. To calculate this IQ, 0.5 x 100 = 50. This person's IQ is 50. Now let's say you are 10 years old but have the understanding of a 15 year-old. Understanding divided by age is 15/10. 15/10 = 1.5. Multiply 1.5 by 100 and this person's IQ is 150. When we look at the entire population of all people with all comprehension levels, the average IQ of all people is therefore 100. Besides the people who have an actual IQ of 100 (comprehension/age x 100), there are an equal number of people on both the upper and lower sides of the equation. Again, by the law of averages, the average IQ of the population is 100.

This has staggering implications in our day-to-day life. It means that since the AVERAGE IQ of all people is 100, then fully half the people you encounter on any day have an IQ of less than 100. There is an equal number of people with IQ's above 100 as there are below 100. In other words, fully half the population has a quantifiable, verifiable likelihood that they are raging morons.

My only argument with this analysis is "only half?" My IQ, incidentally, has been measured at 164. I state this not to boast, but to lament. This means that statistically, there is someone roaming freely on the streets with an IQ of only 36 (I got his 64 points). I feel that I encounter this person in a different incarnation at least daily. Further, all of my friends that have an IQ over 100 have their own intellectual inverse twin roaming around in public, instigating others to their own depths of stupidity until one day they will take over the world. At that point, the exceedingly few remaining people with IQ's over 100 will be forced to lower the general average IQ to something else, something lower than 100, officially making Earth a planet of retards.
How far along that path are we already?