Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trivia Game!

I was the host of Trivia Night at the Homedale Inn. Not everyone could come but many wanted to play and asked me to post the questions. So here are the questions & answers. 4 categories - "Let's Do A Science!" "'Pop' Culture," "Arts & Literature," and "TV Jingles." The answers appear at the end of each category. Play on your own or with friends!
Note: TV Jingles has audio clues. "Pop" Culture answers will all have either the letters "pop" or the sound "pop." Enjoy!

Let’s do a science!

1. The latest NASA mobile rover to explore Mars is called Curiosity, but its official mission name is what?
A. Mars Science Laboratory
B. Mars Space Laboratory
C. Mobile Science Lander
D. Mars Science Lander

2. You can do two things with farts - you can smell them and ignite them. What chemical is responsible for BOTH processes?

3. You can turn a bottle of Diet Coke into a rocket by adding what candy?

4. Viagra, Cialis and other drugs used for erectile dysfunction have a warning to seek emergency medical attention for an erection lasting over four hours. What is the medical term for such a persistent erection?

5. Iran is in big trouble for refining uranium which can be used in atomic bombs. What is the name of the process involved in an atomic bomb exploding?
A. Fusion
B. Fission
C. Antimatter reaction
D. Particle acceleration

6. In the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925 the State of Tennessee prosecuted John Scopes for teaching evolution in a state-funded school. Name either the prosecuting attorney or the defense attorney in the trial.

7.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men to set foot on the moon. The third member of Apollo 11, Michael Collins, never set foot on the moon. What is the name of the spacecraft he was piloting while Neil and Buzz were romping on the moon.

8. Your cell phone can probably tell you where you are right now. They can determine this by measuring the distance to the nearest two cell towers. This process of determining location based on two landmarks is called what?

9. GMO foods are creating quite a controversy right now. What does GMO stand for?

10. Which of the following terms does NOT describe lightning?
A. Plasma
B. Static Electricity
C. Alternating Current
D. Charged leaders

Answers to Let's Do a Science!

1. A. Mars Science Laboratory
2. Hydrogen sulfide (You can ignite methane but you can't smell it.)
3. Mentos
4. Priapism
5. B. Fission
6. Clarence Darrow - defense
    William Jennings Bryan - prosecution
7. Columbia
8. Triangulation
9. Genetically Modified Organism
10. C. Alternating Current

“Pop” culture (All answers will contain either the letters "pop" or the sound "pop.")

1. What is the common New Orleans name for a red soda?

2. Esther Ciccone had a number one song in 1986 dealing with pregnancy and abortion. What was the song?

3. The Swiss Guard protects the nation governed by this head of state.

4. This inventor of the Veg-o-matic, the Pocket Fisherman and spray-on hair in a can has had his commercials on TV for over 50 years. Who is he?

5. What is the atmospheric boundary layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere? It lies between 6 & 11 miles above the surface of the earth.

6. An urban myth has “Mikey” of the Life cereal commercial dying of what?

7. What is the name of the artery behind your knee?

8. This dangerous animal’s name literally means “river horse” in ancient Greek.

9. In 1858 the lyrics to a popular song were published in Boston. The first three verses were:
“All around the cobbler’s house
The monkey chased the people
And after them in double haste...”
What is the last verse (the title of the song)?

10. This Latin term might be used to describe what the man on the street says. It literally means “the voice of the people.”

Answers to "Pop Culture"

1. Pop rouge
2. Papa Don’t Preach (By Madonna - Ciccone is her given last name and Esther is the name she chose after embracing Kaballah.)
3. The Pope
4. Ron Popeil
5. Tropopause
6. Pop Rocks
7. Popliteal
8. Hippopotamus
9. Pop! Goes the Weasel
10. Vox populi

Art & Literature

1. William Faulkner lived in what is now known as the Faulkner House in New Orleans. On what street is it?

2. In Bill Watterson’s comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes,” how old is Calvin?

3. “La Gioconda” is more commonly known as what? (Hint - it's a painting.)

4. In 1993 Anne Rice bought an orphanage in uptown New Orleans. What was the name of the orphanage?

5. The Oscars are also known as the Academy Awards. What is the full name of the Academy that presents the awards?

6. On Wisner Blvd. at the entrance to City Park there is a sculpture of General P.G.T. Beauregard on horseback. How many feet (hooves) does the horse have on the ground?

7. “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci is an example of what kind of mural technique?
A. A mosaic
B. A fresco
C. A secco
D. A marouflage

8. Montresor seals up Fortunato in a wall in what story by Edgar Allan Poe?

9. What is the name of the narrator in “Moby Dick?”

10. In “A Streetcar Named Desire” what is the name of the New Orleans neighborhood that Stella and Stanley live in? Not the street name.

Answers to Arts & Literature

1. Pirates Alley
2. Six
3. The Mona Lisa
4. St. Elizabeth’s
5. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
6. Three
7. C. A secco
8. The Cask of Amontillado
9. Ishmael
10. Faubourg Marigny

TV Jingles

1. What is the title of this TV theme song? The actual name of the song, not "the theme from... "

2. This ad is an audio landmark in New Orleans. What kind of business is it advertising?

3. This is the theme music from what?

4. What is the name of the business being advertised in this ghetto, local TV ad?

5.  Name any three characters OR actors from the main, central cast of the show with this theme song. Not a mix of actors and characters.

6. In this unintentionally violent New Orleans ad, who “kills them all?”

7. What TV show had this clip as part of its theme?

8. This series from 2003 was a re-imagining of a TV series by the same name from 1979. What actor played roles in both series? Main character in 1979, recurring role in 2003.
Here is the 2003 theme music.

And here is the 1979 theme music. 

9. Many of us were introduced to this music from either Saturday morning cartoons or from the movie “Apocalypse Now.” What is the title of this piece?

10. What is the address of the business being advertised? In other words, finish the jingle.

Bonus-tiebreaker. What is at Seafood City’s address now?


Answers to TV Jingles

1. Suicide Is Painless
2. Furniture store
3. National Geographic
4. Frankie & Johnny’s
5. The Partridge Family-
Shirley Jones - Shirley Partridge
David Cassidy - Keith Partridge
Susan Dey - Laurie Partridge
Danny Bonaduce - Danny Partridge
Susan Crough - Tracy Partridge
Dave Madden - Reuben Kincaid
Brian Forster - Chris Partridge (1971-1974)
Jeremy Gelbwaks - Chris Partridge (1970-1971)

6. Miller the Killer
7. Josie and the Pussycats
8. Richard Hatch
9. Ride of the Valkyries
10. 1826 North Broad
Bonus/tiebreaker. Walgreen's