Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Compass Rose" Trivia Quiz

(Questions as of Dec. 5, 2012)


1. Marco Polo traveled east from Europe to establish trade with what country?

2. Who is the host of the Food Network’s cooking show “East Meets West”?

3. The direction east on the longitude grid is calculated from longitude 0 degrees. What is the the line at Longitude 0 called?

4. All Muslims are expected to make a pilgrimage to what Middle Eastern city at least once in their lives?

5. What is the largest country in the Eastern hemisphere?

6. From what does a nor’easter get its name?

7. Israel was re-established in the Middle East in what year of the 20th century?

8. Easter falls on the first Sunday after what Jewish holiday?

9. In what country does the West end and the Middle East begin?

10. The film industry of India is collectively known as what?

1. China
2. Ming Tsai
3. The Prime Meridian
4. Mecca
5. Russia
6. The direction the wind comes from.
7. 1948
8. Passover
9. Turkey
10. Bollywood


1. According to “Wicked,” the prequel to “The Wizard of Oz,” what was the Wicked Witch of the West’s real name?

2. Peru is on the west coast of South America and has only one time zone. In what time zone are they?

3. In describing Eastern things, we use the word Oriental. What word is used to describe western things?

4. When traveling to the West Bank from the East bank across the CCC, in what direction are you actually moving?

5. What country has the westernmost capital of the Western Hemisphere?

6. The West Coast of California is well known for the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles. This sign did not always say “Hollywood.” What did the sign originally say?

7. Ahmed Aleywa, a native of the west African country of Mauritania, is currently famous for doing what?

8. In the movie “Far and Away” starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, where were they traveling west from?

9. New Orleans is on what longitude west?

10. If a hurricane is traveling due west towards New Orleans, from what direction will the wind come just before the eye arrives?

1. Elphaba
2. Eastern time
3. Occidental
4. East
5. Mexico
6. Hollywoodland
7. Booting a New Orleans ambulance
8. Ireland
9. 90 degrees
10. North


1. Who were the male and female lead roles in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”?

2. Until 2009, the north magnetic pole was located within the territory of which country?

3. The Mason-Dixon line is on the border of four states. Name two of those states.

4. What team of the SEC is physically in the northernmost location?

5. The northernmost part of the Mississippi River is in what US state?

6. If you look due north from the wharf on the river at Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas, what town are you looking at?

7. Name all the US states with North in their name.

8. Over what body of water is the Northwest Passage?

9. The Aurora Borealis is also know by what more common name?

10. The 4th century archbishop of Turkey provides the legendary basis for what well known northern figure today?

1. Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint
2. Canada
3. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware & West Virginia
4. University of Missouri
5. Minnesota
6. New Orleans
7. North Dakota, North Carolina
8. Arctic Sea
9. The northern lights
10. Santa Claus


1. What swanky gated community is in the southernmost part of Orleans Parish?

2. How many college teams make up the Southeastern Conference?

3. Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner for 26 years in South Africa for advocating against what government policy?

4. What was the first US state to secede from the Union?

5. As of right now, is the south pole in continual darkness, continual daylight, or part day and part night?

6. What New Orleans road divides the North named streets from the South named streets?

7. When a pollywog becomes a shellback, what has he done?

8. Southern University plays against what team in the Bayou Classic?

9. What was the last US state to secede from the Union?

10. What James Bond movie was filmed in Hollywood South?

1. English Turn
2. 14
3. Apartheid
4. South Carolina
5. Continual daylight
6. Canal Street
7. Crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere.
8. Grambling
9. Tennessee
10. Live And Let Die

Tiebreaker: Name the four official BCS bowl games.
Sugar, Orange, Fiesta & Rose Bowl

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