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Trivia Quiz from April 17, 2013 - "First & Foremost"

First Time for Everything (10 questions)

1. What two people appeared on the first cover of TV guide in April 1953?

2. The first known humans to fly did so over what city?

3. Who was the first person to break the sound barrier?

4. Who was the first actor to star in a talking motion picture?

5. The first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island was from what country?

6. Who was the first female artist inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

7. Who was the first canonized American saint?

8. The first heavier-than-air flight took place where?

9. The first nuns in New Orleans, known as “casket girls,” were of what Catholic order?

10. Antoine Peychaud was the creator of what New Orleans cocktail?

1. Lucile Ball & Desi Arnaz Jr.
2. Paris (Nov. 21, 1783 in a hot air balloon)
3. Chuck Yeager
4. Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer
5.  Ireland
6. Aretha Franklin
7. Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini
8. Kitty hawk, N. Carolina
9. Ursulines
10. Sazerac

Boozehounds (10 questions)

1. The Irish word for whisky is Uisce Beatha. What does it literally translate to?

2. Sake was originally made by people who chewed the rice & spit it into fermenting vessels where it would become an alcohol. By definition, sake is therefore ___
a. wine
b. liqueur
c. beer
d. sour mash

3. What causes the bubbles in Guinness to sink rather than rise when a pint is poured?

4. “The Green Fairy” is both a brand name and euphemism for what alcoholic beverage?

5. What type of drink is known by the same word as the Low German word for “swallow?”

6. V.S.O.P. on a bottle of cognac stands for what?

7. Anheuser-Busch can trace its roots back to 1852 and the Bavarian Brewing Company in what North American city?

8.  What liqueur is named after its color?

9. What South American country claims exclusive appellation rights to the type of brandy known as Pisco?

10. Falstaff beer shares a name with a character that appears in 3 of William Shakespeare’s plays. Name one Shakespearean play in which Falstaff appears.

1. Water of life
2. c. beer
3. The shape of the pint glass
4. Absinthe
5. Shnapps
6. Very Superior Old Pale
7. St. Louis, Mo.
8. Chartreuse
9. Peru
10. Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Old Gods of Carnival (10 questions)
Every answer or question has to do with a current carnival krewe.

1. Bacchus was the god of what?

2. Fathered by Poseidon and born of Medusa was the winged horse known as what?

3. What krewe gets its name from this mythical Himalayan utopia?

4. This god is the Titan that holds up the celestial sphere.

5. This krewe takes its name from the Greek god of transitions & boundaries, and conducted souls into the afterlife.

6. This was the greek goddess of the night.

7. This god of the sea was Poseidon’s first son. His name even means “first.”

8. This Egyptian god is often depicted with the head of an ibis, and holds a rod and an ankh in his hands.

9. Whoever held this position in ancient Rome was revered as a god.

10. Name what each of the 9 muses are the muse of. It's not necessary to name the muses themselves, just what they are the muses of. 1 point for each correct answer. You must be specific. (Hint: there are 10 domains, one muse pulls double duty)

1. Wine
2. Pegasus
4. Atlas
5. Hermes
6. Nyx
7. Proteus
8. Thoth
9. Caesar
10. Calliope: epic song, Clio: history, Euterpe: lyric song, Melpomene: tragedy, Terpsichore: dance, Erato: erotic poetry, Polymnia: sacred song, Urania: astronomy, Thalia: comedy & bucolic poetry.

 Places to Go, Things to See (12 Questions)
I took all these photos in Orleans Parish, on the East bank. Answer the questions as specifically as you can.

1. At what intersection am I?

2. What landmark is directly behind me?

3. What building am I in?

4. What building is directly behind me?

5. These nudists are frolicking on the lawn of what building?

6. What restaurant am I spying on?

7. At what intersection can I get their poboys?

8. In what neighborhood or on what street can I get world famous creole tomatoes?

9. What building am I standing in?

10. In the French Quarter, what city-run building is immediately to my right?

11. What building is directly behind me and this guy?

12. What is this?

1. Canal Blvd. & Robert E. Lee.

2. Lee Circle

3. Canal Street ferry terminal

4. St. Louis Cathedral

5. Lakefront Airport

6. Cafe Maspero

7. Elysian Fields & St. Claude

8. 3100 block of Chartres, the Bywater

9. Canal Place

10. Fire station

11. Tad Gormley Stadium

12. Mardi Gras Fountain at the Lakefront

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